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I Made a Website

22 Jul 2021 
jekyll html css website

This website is a portfolio of all of the projects I’ve worked on. Over the time to come, I intend to update it with projects I’ve worked on in the past and any new projects to come.

I decided to use Jekyll to make this site, in no small part because GitHub strongly suggested it. I’m glad I did, because Jekyll is exactly the tool that I never knew I needed to make static sites. I’ve made websites before in raw HTML and CSS (like the CPP Pep Band Website) , but that method gets weighted down with bloat incredibly quickly.

Later, I helped make a video streaming website for my Software Engineering class, and that used Django. I fell in love with Django’s templating system, but requires a dynamic site. That’s why I’m so glad to have found Jekyll.

At the time of writing, this website is just the barebones. It doesn’t make sense to me to spend any more time improving it before I have anything substantial here. You can find the source code of the site at the Github page.