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Moving to Mini.css

21 Aug 2021 
css website mini.css

I’ve decided to overhaul this website with an improved visual design and more responsive layout. To that end, I’ve added a CSS framework: mini.css.

This framework includes CSS normalization, something that I completely overlooked when I created this site. The framework also comes with a simple, but powerful grid system allowing for responsive websites. I hadn’t previously considered mobile devices when creating the layout of this site, but now the site should work okay on a wider range of screen-sizes.

I’m not incredibly happy with the way the framework handles the header navigation on mobile: if there’s overflow, it simply creates a horizontal scrollbar. I’d prefer a hamburger menu of some kind, and I’ll probably look to implement that at some point in the future.

What I do like is that the framework uses the system font stack, so the site should appear in your operating system’s default font, which is pretty cool.